Resealable Bags

Resealable Bags

Why Use Resealable Bags ?

Nuts packagingThinking about whether you should go for resealable bags or not? Well, here is the answer to your question. If you are looking for storing a product which needs to be safe enough so that it is not exposed to any kind of contact with air or dust, then resealable bags are the right product for you. “” has been producing these bags from around 3 decades now and are more than happy to serve their customers with their extensive services in product packaging. They hold quite some reputation in the marketing industry and would be the best choice for you to order resealable bags for your product. They take full responsibility of delivering the packages to you within 7 days, in any part of the world with the help of FedEx and DLX couriers.

Now the resealable bags are mainly made of polypropylene and are therefore sometimes referred to as poly bags. They are considered a superior substitute of shrink wrapping as it gives much better results than one can imagine. These bags are highly durable and provide the right amount of protection and clarity required for sensitive products. But the main advantage of using resealable bag is that it can be opened and sealed over and over again. You can do this repeatedly without having to worry about keeping it close some other way. Moreover, resealable bags are also available which is FDA approved and are safe to store any kind of food item without harming the food in any way, meaning it will not release any kind of harmful chemical and residues into the food on contact with it. You will find two kinds of sealable bags in “” and they are resealable cello bags and resealable foil bags.

Reasons for using resealable bags :

When you use resealable cello bags the hygiene protection of food stored in it increases as it prevents even the slightest amount of contamination and keeps the food very safe. Although the level of protection is directly depend upon your choice of plastic. Cello plastic is of good quality and is pretty much capable of maintaining the hygiene level in the food.

Organic Food PackagingThese resealable bags are also environment friendly meaning they are recyclable. Moreover, you can use these bags as many times you want before you are dispose them. By using these bags you will contribute towards reducing negative impact on the environment in terms of waste reduction.

You can also go for resealable foil bags as they have advantages of their own and can come in real handy in storing perishable food items.

Clear resealable bags provide the clarity required for a bag. It helps you to easily locate items which are stored in it and you do not have to search around for items kept in the bag.

They can be used for any type of product. They can be used for both personal and professional use. All in all it can be said that resealable bags which satisfy your overall packaging requirements.

measuring stand up pouch

Here is all the photographs of stand up pouches with resealable zipper available in any color any size as table give above in stock.

Vegetable Packaging Sugar Packaging Zipper Bags Dog Food Bags
Clear/Clear Matt Gold/Matt Gold Shiny Silver/Shiny Silver Black/Black
Sea Food Packaging Spice Packaging Chocolate Packaging Organic Food Packaging
Shiny Silver / Clear Black / Clear Matt Gold / Clear Matt Silver / Clear
Bath Salt Packaging Flexible Packaging Fertilizer Packaging Tea Bags
Shiny Gold / Clear Green / Clear Red / Clear Blue / Clear
Protein Powder Packaging Salt Packaging Coffee Bags Plastic Packaging
Green / Green Red / Red Blue / Blue Shiny Gold / Shiny Gold
Bird Seed Packaging Medicine Packaging Paper Bags Plastic Bags
Matt Silver / Matt Silver Shiny White / Shiny White Brown paper bags / Brown paper bags Photograph Of Bottom Gusset
In Stand Up Pouch
Paper Packaging Cheese Packaging Food Packaging
Brown Paper bags / Brown Paper bags Matt black / Matt black Matt white / Matt White
Kraft Bags Brown Paper Bags
Kraft brown paper bags
with zipper
oval window
High barrier paper like
bags with window
& zipper
Jute look bags Golden fiber bags
Jute look High Barrier bags with zipper foil lined Jute Look High Barrier Bags

Oval window pouches

Stand up pouch Stand Up Bags Food Packaging Nuts packaging
Blue Green Matt Gold Matt Silver
Flexible Packaging Organic Food Packaging kraft Brown Paper Bags  Kraft Bags
Red Black High barrier paper like
with window & zipper
Kraft brown paper
bags with zipper
oval window

Biodegradable Bags Kraft Bags Paper Bags Paper Packaging
Biodegradable Paper Bags Gusset Bags  Flat Bottom Bags kraft Brown Paper Bags
Pet Food Packaging Nuts packaging Green Bags Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Measuring a side Gusset Pouch

Food Packaging Spice Packaging Sugar Packaging Gusset Bags
Matt Black
Shiny Gold
Matt Gold
Matt White
Chocolate Packaging Salt Packaging Gusseted Cello Bags
Shiny Black
Matt Silver
Brown Paper Bags