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Fruit Juice Packaging
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In the sweltering summer heat, when we always wish for some respite for our parched throats and our hands reach out for cold, aerated drinks and sodas, pause awhile and move over to fresh fruit juices. Fruit juices are not only tastier than most aerated drinks, but because they are made from natural fruits, they are supposed to be filled with good health and energy. Doctors all over the world recommend fruit juices to be consumed by all and that too without adding sugar. Hence, the market for packaged fruit juice has always been up. Brands have made their entry into the market and so new entrants cannot risk anything and must only think of ingenious ways to improve packaging and quality of fruit juice to serve the ever-increasing demand.

Welcome to Stand Up Pouches, a name in the juice packaging industry since 1980.

Liquid Packaging Solutions from Stand Up Pouches:

  1. We craft stand bags for containing juices and transporting them in lots across cities. This reduces the transportation expenses by half.
  2. Our stand up pouches are made in different vibrant colors like red, blue, green, and yellow and even clear bags so that beautiful color of your fruit juice can be seen from outside. This can also be used ideally to simply print your company insignia on the body of the stand bags.
  3. This juice packaging is made with spouts and tight caps, which prevent leakage and spillage and high barrier walls are thick enough to prevent puncture of any kind. The spouts make it easy for the children to just use the bags easily during breakfast or any time of the day.
  4. Since the fruit juices contain vital nutrients, these nutrients don’t go missing from the drinks even after a week of manufacture. Our stand up pouches are so designed to keep the drinks intact and not adulterate the drinks or any harmful combination takes place.
  5. Our juice packaging is widely preferred as they are very reasonably priced worldwide.
  6. Our stand up pouches also come with tear holes so that they can be even hung from the stands instead of taking up shelf space.
  7. Made with a single film material, these bottom or side gusset bags won’t get punctured and hence your product won’t be damaged in transit.

Personalizing your Juice Packaging:

Since there is a tough competition in packaged juice marketing, we invite you to visit us, consult with our talented designing team and get your preferred size, shape and your bags printed. All this is available at very affordable prices so visit us now!

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