Wholesale Paper Bags

Wholesale Paper Bags

At Standuppouches.com, we stock the largest variety of flexible packaging materials to suit the needs of many industries like food, pharmaceuticals, coffee, tea, pet food, whey protein, nuts, herbal smoke and more. We utilize high quality equipment, latest technology and our dedicated team of workers to create effective and cheap packaging solutions for our clients.

We begun manufacturing in 1980 and have been on our way to the top since then. We are the market’s number one stock holder of the largest variety of printed and unprinted standuppouches.com. We offer unprinted pouches ready to be shipped and custom printed bags and packaging materials at affordable rates. We deliver the order anywhere in the world within 7 days of contacting us.

If you're looking for wholesale paper bags, We specialize in brown paper bags, which are an eco-friendly and economical choice for millions of people across the world. They are durable and convenient means to package materials manufactured by a company. One can use these bags for packaging of promotional products or on ordinary basis, and save a lot of the company’s money. They are cheaper than plastic bags and available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit your requirements. They are a huge hit with the companies as they make their company look eco-friendly and doing their bit to preserve the nature. Standuppouches.com has a huge stock of these paper bags which can be ordered for as less as 5000 pieces, so that small companies can make their brand name popular by making their products reach shelves of retail stores at low prices. Plus, these bags are sturdy and classy, which will surly create a good impression in the mind of the customer. Paper bags with window are also available, so that the customer may have a look at the contents inside. Contrary to plastic bags, these biodegradable paper bags do no harm to the environment, and must be preferred by all. Standuppouches.com is doing their best to offer a huge variety of such bags to protect the environment. These bags are versatile and durable.

Foil paper bags are widely used in coffee packaging. The aluminium foil lining or metalized lining effectively protects the contents from moisture and can also be printed with attractive designs and logos to build up the brand name of the company. Our engineers create visually-appealing printed paper bags even on short notice for our clients.

Kraft paper bags can also be ordered in desired quantity (2000 pieces minimum) for packaging of food items, gift items, and granular products. Everyone is familiar with these bags for their exceptional durability and as they are harmless to the environment. They can be ordered in a multitude of colours with bottom gusset and with or without resealable zipper. We also deal with gusset paper bags that are especially used in packaging coffee and cocoa beans. The unique designs with customised valve location are a plus for these side gusseted bags, making them an ideal choice for speciality food packaging. They are available in number of finishes, colours and sizes to suit packaging needs.

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