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Medicine PackagingLiquid bags are becoming the latest trend in liquid packaging. Appropriate liquid packaging always had a big question mark associated with it because of the various dos and don’ts associated with packing liquids. The risk of packing liquid is way higher than the risks of packing any other kind of material. A little mistake can spill the beans of your hard work. So the first and foremost thing about liquid packaging is to make sure that the material of the liquid bags is strong enough to handle any kind of pressure exerted by the liquid on the walls of the bag. The various sizes of liquid bags depend on the milliliters of the liquid you want to fill in it. The size of liquid bags at “” ranges from 1.2 ml to about 850 ml. You can get a bag which suits your purpose most. Some companies require bags of three to four sizes as they sell their respective liquid in varying quantities. The choice is yours. You will find liquid bags of different colors and you can also get printed bags if you wish to expose your company name on the bag. The most common example of liquid bags is blood bags. The blood banks place heavy order to receive liquid bags as they store blood of different blood groups in it for emergency requirements. You need a kennel to fill the liquid into the pouch. In fact special care has to be taken that the liquid is properly filled into the pouch without spilling any of it.

Cooking Oil packagingNow some of the most common products that require liquid bags are as follow: blood bags, cosmetics like shampoo, foundation, conditioner, lotion, cream etc, beverages like milkshakes, coffee, tea, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks etc, sauces like mayonnaise, chocolate sauce, herb paste, salad oils, ketchup, chili sauce, edible oils etc, snacks like honey, ice cream, sorbet, yogurt etc, sports drinks, health drinks and industrial products like gels, ink, lubricants, etc. Nowadays wine is also sold in liquid bags and for that purpose special wine bags are available at “”. You can also order in bulk without having to worry about any extra shipment cost. The empty pouches are extremely light in weight thereby reducing your shipment cost. Moreover, it is ensured that you will get your order delivered to you within 7 days in any part of the world. This is the courtesy of world class courier services like DHL and FedEx.

“” also sells pet bottle liquid containers. Bottles are considered to be a safer way of packaging liquids. Wholesale plastic bottles are something that “” specializes in. If you sell products like glycerin or rose water, you can even order small plastic bottles. Small plastic bottles are more suitable for packing cosmetic products. “” is in the packaging business since 1980 and tries to provide customers with all kinds of liquid packaging, be it, wholesale plastic bottles or liquid bags.

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