Spices Packaging

Spices Packaging

Welcome to the ever-expanding world of Stand up Pouches! We, at Stand Up Pouches, have been a pioneer in the world of unprinted and printed stand up pouches manufacturing. We have been in this industry since 1980 and have left no stone unturned in terms of packaging. Earlier not much of a thought was spared to packaging neither was its necessity ever felt by the product manufacturer. Now, with the scope of reaching out to the world widened, it has made a way for an effort to give your products an excellent appeal. Thus, not only the quality of products but the entire package of your product has met with a wave of metamorphosis.

Every product type has specialized packaging need, and we with our wide experience of over 30 years have fabricated special packaging. Spice packaging has seen a turn around with the new plastic packaging.

Unique Spice Packaging Attributes:
  1. The packaging of spices requires much upgraded machinery, which many companies cannot afford and this is where we come in. With our eagerness and initiation, we have been using all the latest equipments for making specialized food packaging.
  2. Spice packaging requires flexible packaging, which can just have a capacity to hold very little quantity at a time, as in retail stores they are sold in less quantity.
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  4. For reaching to your potential customers, you can choose our very stylishly colored round bottom gusset bags so that this type of stand up pouches can also stand on their own.
  5. Fitted with holes near the top opening, this spice packaging can also be hung from a peg in the stand thereby not even taking space on your display shelves.
  6. Moderately priced, these stand up pouches are a must-have for every food processing industry.
  7. Even other items like frozen foods such as meats, nuggets or organic food can be packaged in these pouches.
  8. Frozen food packaging has found a new place in the packaging industry and is gaining grounds. With our technology, designing these bags is no longer a hassle.
  9. Fitted with smooth slider zippers and zip locks, plastic packaging is now convenient for storing your products without looking for a separate container to put the contents into store.
  10. Our bags have a very long shelf life as the quality of plastic film used is of very high standard.

We also provide excellent quality spout pouches, which provide better preservation of the spices along with leakage free storage and transportation. These spout pouches are very convenient in use as they provide easy to pour and fill application. So you can choose our spout pouches as a flexible spice packaging solution.

Making a Bag for you:

We value our clients’ preferences and we believe that you would desire to have your company insignia printed on the color, which you choose. We have acquired fame as our clients get their customized bags in a fortnight as promised by us.

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