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In the summer heat, when the sun scorches us and we feel dehydrated every few minutes, the only respite and the best one at that as advised by physicians globally is to drink lot of fruit juice. Vegetables or fruit juices are packed with vital vitamins and nutrients, which supply our body with energy and even make the fluids get replenished after a long hour in the sun. Juices are usually packed in cartons or cans and sometimes even in bottles. But these may actually do nothing to save the nutrients from getting lost in the atmosphere.

We welcome you to “Stand Up Pouches”, the house of packaging since 1980 which brought out juice packaging techniques to die for. Over the years, we have seen that bottles of juices getting damaged while getting transported and ultimately giving away a whole lot of profit to the drain. Not only that, packaging juices in bottles made the transportation cost very high thereby the product price would be high and yet as a manufacturer, you may end up with a less profit margin. Keeping these vital statistics in mind, we at Stand Up Pouches have come up with Spouted Stand up pouches.

Our Spouted Stand up Pouches for Comfortable Juice Packaging:

  1. There are many stand up bags manufacturers in the market so why choose our bags? The answer is quite simple – only few companies produce product-specific spouted stand up pouches, which are food safe.
  2. Our bags are designed with your customers in mind- as your customers may range in the wide age group of 8-80 years, hence, the opening and closing of the bags must be made very convenient, and so spouts have been fitted at the nozzle.
  3. The spouts are made with tight caps which can be closed and opened and yet remain tight enough to prevent leakage or spillage of the juices.
  4. We also manufacture printed spouted bags so that marketing your juice bags becomes very easy.
  5. Already obtainable in very attractive colors, these juice packaging are very eye-catching. Made in red, green, blue and yellow and in shiny metallic gold and silver, these colors are also ensured to be food safe and they do not get contaminated with the drink.

A healthy Drink for Good Health:

Visit us and get your company logo printed on the body of our juice packaging and we will get it delivered to you in 15 days time. We can however send you 2000 unprinted colored bags to try our service and quality before you strike the deal for printed bags with us too. This is just to ensure that our commitment to your good health and well-being reflects in our superior juice pakaging.

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