Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeves

PVC shrink films are being used for multiple purposes in today’s era. PVC was only utilized for making carry bags only; the urge of continuous maximum resource utilization has made it the first choice among the packaging industry. Shrink sleeve is a combination of plastic roll which is made from PVC, with a printed design according to the product.

Why shrink sleeve should be used?
Day by day, it’s use growing fast because of its key features which are mentioned below:
  1. It makes product attractive so it catch the attention of the buyer to purchase your product. The packaging plays also a very important role in increasing the proportion of overall sales.
  2. In comparison with adhesive labels, the shrink sleeves are much more resistant to natural factors including humidity.
  3. It is flexible to any size and shape of the product container.
  4. It can incorporate tamper-proof seals.
Our product makes us unique from other manufacturer because of the below mentioned properties:
  1. Lowest cost comparing to any other manufacturer with modern technology and equipment.
  2. Shrink sleeves can be applied to any type of bottle or unusual container by heating. This is useful when self adhesive labels or stickers are not able to stick on unusual container.
  3. Product promotional printing is possible on shrink sleeve.
  4. Barcode can be printed on shrink sleeve also.
  5. It is printed in rotogravure printing which is a very high quality printing compared with flexographic or offset printing.
  6. There is also possible reverse side printing.
  7. Sleeving is possible on any type of surface such as metal, plastic, glass, etc.
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