Liquid Bags and Spout Pouches

Liquid Bags and Spout Pouches
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A warm welcome to the innovative world of Stand Up Pouches. Established in 1980, with the primary aim to serve the customers worldwide with packaging solutions, we have achieved more than that. Our constant tryst with advancing, evolving technology, grasping it and ideating on the ways to improvise on the same, we have made a rapid growth in the world of packaging.

Liquid Packaging is a specialization in high-end packaging which ensures that your valuable liquids are packaged properly. Proper packaging should ideally:

  1. Seal the liquid from seeping or leaking out in transit
  2. Be flexible so that it does not take up much space on the stands.
  3. Can be made to stand alone fitted with either side or bottom gussets.
  4. Must be fitted with resealable spouts or slider zippers.
  5. The bags should be very safe for containing edible liquids and must not alter nutrient value or chemical composition of the liquid contents if stored for a long time.

After careful research and many calculative deductions following it, we have formulated and have come up with stand up pouches for liquid packaging.

You may want to know that in the vast gamut of Spouted Liquid Packaging, how does our Liquid Packaging stand apart? Our spout pouch packaging is the world class as we have clients worldwide. They choose us as we believe in bringing forth only the best from our lot to serve your packaging needs. Our liquid packaging can be used to package, transport and store:
  1. Beverages like fruit juices, mild-alcoholic drinks and aerated drinks
  2. Energy drinks or Isotonic drinks
  3. Cosmetics encompassing body lotions, moisturizing creams and shampoos
  4. Industrial oils, greases and motor oil
  5. Sauces, purees and jellies.

At a time when people believe in being mobile and convenient hassle-free, mess-free method of transporting is much preferred, then Stand Up Pouches has the solution for you.

Moreover, these stand up pouches are made in a multitude of colors to attract customers. Since we understand your preference to get your bag customized, we welcome you to drop in and consult with our talented team of designers and get your bags printed with your company logo and brief information of the product. Besides, you can also pick on your favored color and size which you find appropriate to your product. These customized bags will be delivered to you in 15 days whereas the plain ones will be sent to you in a week’s time. We trust only names like FedEx and DHL.

Our commitment to deliver supreme quality of spouted liquid packaging at your doorstep in time sets us at a place far above the rest in the crowd.

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