Jerky and Beef Packaging

Jerky & Beef Packaging

Food product packaging has been carefully developed over the years to provide the necessary barriers to prevent spoilage. The main concern with packaging any kind of food product is fear of degradation and low shelf life. Beef and beef products are most susceptible to damage and contamination because of which specialized beef packaging and jerky packaging techniques have been developed. These beef jerky bags have been made in a number of shapes, sizes and styles, including stand up pouches. Our team at Stand Up Pouches has also taken the initiative in using the require technology and protocols for the development of such packaging products for our clients.

Know Us Better:

Since our inception in 1980, we at Stand Up Pouches have dedicated our expertise to the field of packaging by giving our clients the best quality packaging products for their manufactured goods. We have been able to develop not only stand up pouches, but many different types of bags which have been able to help the industry to advance and improve over the years.

Packaging Your Meat for You:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, have understood the concerns of beef manufacturers and thus we assure them that beef packaging and jerky packaging products they buy from us will keep their product fresh and healthy for use for a long period of time while also making sure the shelf life of the product is not compromised with. Beef jerky bags produced in our company are made with three barrier layers to ensure that penetration of contaminants is avoided efficiently. Also, the oxygen is evacuated from the bag and only nitrogen is left in the same. These vacuum bags are then sealed and sent ahead into the market.

Another thing we have carefully addressed is the need for consumers to keep their beef and beef products fresh. Thus, beef packaging manufactured in our company Stand up Pouches is installed with zipper locks which allow end users to seal the jerky packaging when not in use. By doing so, it ensures that beef jerky bags can keep the product fresh for a longer time span even after the seal has been broken because the multilayer barrier remains intact.

We also appreciate the fact that vacuum packaging may take away from the look of the packaging and so, we also recommend using oxygen absorbers in the bag. These are small white pouches which are filled with chemicals which remove oxygen and prevent oxidation. This allows the beef jerky bag to become more attractive.

The Best You Can Expect:

Look through our options and find the beef packaging or jerky packaging that you like best. We at Stand Up Pouches will be obliged to give you the product of your choice.

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