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The sweetest gift from nature apart from the mother’s love is the sweet and enchanting taste of honey. Available all over the world in different containers from the jumbo jars to the small bottles, honey is preferred by health conscious people for being a part of their morning breakfast.

Welcome to Stand Up Pouches, a name which is renowned for the superior quality packaging and delivering superlative packages for your products around the globe. We, through our initiation in 1980, comprehend the importance of packaging every product specifically. It is not enough to just get honey packaging done in bulky bottles if you wish to transport it to different far-off places. In that case, spouted pouches are very convenient to be packaged and transported. The other significant reasons to get your honey packaging done at Stand Up Pouches are as discussed below:

  1. The Semi-Viscosity of Honey: Honey being semi-viscous has to be packaged properly and hence proper sealing is essential. This was one of the primary reasons why honey had been packaged so far in bottles and jars. But contrary to popular beliefs, honey can even be packaged in stand up pouches.
  2. Easy to pour and use: If honey is kept in the bottles like it has always been packaged, it becomes a hassle for the end users to keep it on their breakfast table and scoop out spoons on the cereals. The reason is honey tends to leave sticky strings all the way from the mouth of the bottle to the bowl, which may make it messy for you to clean up later. But with spouted pouches, we can just open the cap and pour honey as much as we require directly and seal it back.
  3. Attractive Stand up Pouches: Made in a multitude of colors and styles, honey packaging is done keeping in mind your company’s branding in the market. You can get your company logo printed by us and have your own customized stand up pouches for your product.
Honey Packaging, No Longer Messy:

With our expertise in packaging industry, we manufacture only the best spouted pouches for you. You can get your preferred style bags from us at very competitive rates and order for a minimum of 2000 bags to try out initially. In case you want to get custom printed and colored stylish high barrier stand up pouches, we can strike a deal of minimum 15000 bags to be delivered in 20 days to you. We seek the services of the best like DHL to deliver your own bags to you at the time we promised. For preeminent services in packaging, we at Stand Up Pouches will provide you excellent solutions.

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